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Tulsi Dhoop Stick

Tulsi Dhoop Stick

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  • Content: 1 packet of 20 stick
  • Pure Fragrance.
  • Easy to Use.

"SOMETHING SPECIAL IN THE AIR" Our exotic fragrance of "TULSI" provides the key to unlocking the benefits of aromatherapy, essentially. These dhoop sticks contain the extracted essential oil of Tulsi. The use of fragrance to create an uplifting or enhancing mood or environmental effect.


1. Hold the dhoop incense stick at an angle to light it with a match.
2. Allow the flame to turn the tip of the stick red before extinguishing the match.
3. Blow gently on the flaming end of the dhoop incense stick to extinguish any flame.
4. Place the dhoop incense stick in a dhoop holder and feel the gentle & soothing presence of nature.
5. Keep the stick away from wind or fan.
6. Keep out of reach of children.

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